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Infuzion AROMA - Car Fragrance Diffuser


The AROMA Misting device is the first of its kind and has been specially developed to keep your car smelling of your favourite fragrance for long periods of time. When turned on, the device intermittently delivers a gentle mist of the perfume mix, alternatively, it can be activated manually at the touch of a button. Included in the set is the AROMA unit, 6 x 4ml fragrance capsules and accessories including a car air vent clip, sticky mounting pad and USB A to USB C charging cable.

  • Minimal automatic fragrance diffuser misting unit, suitable for use in the car or throughout the home, an elegant and minimal solution to traditional car air freshener products.
  • Simply insert a fragrance cartridge from your selection and press and hold the button on the front of the unit, the device will then dispense fragrance periodically for 2 hours, it will then auto shut off.
  • There are 2 dispensing options that you can cycle between by holding the button, Purple LED ? 5 second spray every 10 minutes, Blue LED – 5 second spray every 5 minutes.
  • The range of 6 fragrances have been specially chosen to offer a varying range of scents that the majority will enjoy.
  • Refill capsules are available and sold separately as mix pack of 6.

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